Specializing in long-distance psychological support
for humanitarian and expatriate workers before,
during and after their mission

Psychological consultations and short-term therapy

Muriel Génot, Psychologue clinicienne - Psychothérapeute

I am a clinical psychologist holding a degree from the University of Paris V, having then gone on to complete my initial training by obtaining a university degree in transcultural psychiatry from the University of Paris XIII.

I worked in humanitarian field operations for 15 years, in conflict and post-conflict situations. I took part in setting up emergency aid programs and addressing the psychological consequences of stress and trauma. During this same period, I built up my therapy practice by knowing how to listen to each of my clients as they find themselves at a particular, sometimes out-of-kilter moment in their personal history, and by knowing how to support them in re-establishing creative links with their inner and outer resources.

I offer psychological consultations and short-term psychotherapy that can last from a few sessions to a year.

I conduct my consultations in French, English and Spanish, and am also familiar with the Arabic spoken in the Middle East.