The consultation

When to start having psychological support and for how long?

It is often our intuition that makes us aware of our needs. I invite everyone to follow their hunch without waiting too long. The only condition is to be able to connect remotely (see possible means below). The first consultation is an initial stage during which we can approach and clarify any questions that the client will have with regard to the nature and methods of psychological support.

I support individuals according to their needs during short periods of several sessions or longer periods of several months up to a year. Where applicable, an agreement will be reached as to the frequency of the sessions taking into account the client’s constraints and allowing the psychological work to be done. In any event, each client will take a unique path which will be the subject of a dialogue between themselves and the therapist.

More concretely?

The consultations can take place via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, with or without video, or by telephone.

A session lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.

The date and time of the session will be arranged in advance.

When the time of the appointment arrives, the client will contact me via the means agreed, just as they would ring the doorbell if they came to my office.

A few rules

If the consultation has started and the communication is interrupted due to technical reasons, I will take the initiative of re-establishing contact.

For the purposes of the consultation, the client is advised to choose a comfortable place where they can talk freely. Wherever possible, it is also preferable that they give themselves a few minutes after the consultation is finished before having to go back to their professional, social or family activities.

Code of conduct, confidentiality and safety

I practice in accordance with the French code of conduct for psychologists which follows the international legislation on fundamental rights. I refer in particular to the obligations with regard to observing professional secrecy and confidentiality rules. These rules are the same ones that apply during a face-to-face consultation. They apply to my exchanges with the professional/organization that may refer a client to me.

In France, the state regulates psychologists by giving them a registration number (known as an Adeli number).

My activity is registered with the French URSSAF, which allows me to issue invoices.

SIRET number: 82761516200019 / Adeli number: 759365166